4 Works Going to New Homes

It has been a busy week or ten days for sales. Two pastels, a new Giclee, and a still wet Alla Prima floral are going to three collectors and welcoming a new one, who has known my work since 1985! It is a great harbringer of good things to come, perhaps a symbol that everyone world-wide will bounce back after the quarantine?! Let’s hope so.

I am not sure what the trigger was. Usually, my sales are spaced out. There are a few new elements going on that may have contributed: People having the time due to the quarantine to appreciate art; I have been posting on the horrors of postmodern art in American institutions; contrasted by posts of my benevolent works; sharing the works of students I own; sharing concepts from my upcoming book Evolution Through Art; and, maybe, people are fed up with cultural angst and rage and want to get back on track to goal-directed and uplifting art?

It is a very special feeling of having my work loved enough that some really good people want to live with it and see it every day, lol, I am about to cry, hahah. It makes me feel that goodwill will prevail and the stars are our limits.

Michael Newberry, Idyllwild, 6/7/2020

TOMBS 3: Yale School of Art by Michael Newberry

Martha Kuzma, Dean of Yale School of Art

The crime against the human spirit is when you give incompetents, who cannot draw their way out of a paper bag, positions of educating young artists. I used to think of Yale and Harvard as two great American Universities. Now, no longer. When I see those names all I can think of is TOMBS: Termination of mind, body, and soul.

The problem is to be free in art, to express anything, you have to master it. The lessor the skills the more you are confined to a prison of rage, frustration, and hopelessness. Looking at art from artists with no skills is like watching a deaf, blind, and mute person try to communicate. Giving them the job of spiritual communication is unconscionable.

They say their motive to give artists freedom to do anything they want and to be original. But if you look at the works of these faculty members — none of them are original. But the worst part, they cannot communicate anything of mental, emotional, or sensory value (we can quibble over some partial exceptions).

There is a small chance that these people know nothing. But what is more likely is that they have embraced self-immobilization and the need to inflict immobilization on innocents and to do everything they can to squash value in art and artists. Prick an envy and rage-filled incompetent and you get a spiritual dictator that must control masses through malfeasance.

If you are a parent or grandparent sending your children to these types of schools, you are defaulting on your job to help evolve your kids. You are not a good person.

Michael Newberry, Idyllwild, 5/24/2020