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Michael Newberry
P.O. Box 1397
Idyllwild, California 92549

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Collections—Available Artworks by Michael Newberry

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Facebook—Welcome to my FB home, where I share my art and other passions. Come take a glimpse into my world.
Instagram—I am honored to share my entire archive of 1,100+ artworks with you for your enjoyment.
Reddit—Come and explore a selection of my works, as well as the thoughts and reactions of others.
Twitter—Explore the significance of art & its impact on our world through composition, psychology, perception & philosophy with me. #art #creativity
YouTube—Learn from my experience as an artist through time-lapses, tutorials, and lectures. I hope to share my knowledge and help you explore your artistic side. Join me on this creative journey.

Art Bot

Michael Newberry (Botchive)—My automatized Twitter profile (my other Twitter profile shares aesthetic insights on artworks, above) rotates over 1,100 of my artworks. My favorite Tweets are the art bots that are devoted to sharing an enormous library of great artists like Rembrandt, Velazquez, and Monet. I love them so much I set mine up with the same bot software. It takes work to upload all the images with their titles and hashtags, but once done, the bot shares fifteen of them automatically through each day.

Free and Paid Subscription

Substack—The Shrewd Artist: Read my personal articles, essays, and excerpts on the world of art.


Evolution Through Art: Art—Integrator of the Human Spirit

Pandora’s Box and Other Essays: Postmortem on Postmodern Aesthetics, and the Spirit of Eudaemonia That Will Replace It

Art: Modern, Postmodern, and Beyond: A Brief Overview of Why the Art World Has Become Trivial and A Manifesto

Newberry Color Theory: Integration—The Secret to Great Color Theory