An Aesthete’s Guide to Visiting a Museum in a Nutshell
A Rejuvenating Visit with Sculptor Tanya Ragir
A Victim’s Vindication: Pierre Huyghe at the National Museum of Contemporary Art, Athens 12 February — 8 April 2001
Bansky, Love is in the Bin
Before Everything There Was Visual Art
Blarney at the Guggenheim
Cultural PsyOp on How to Turn Humans into Sheep
Detecting Value Judgements in Painting
Did Thutmose Sculpt the Mask of Tutankhamen?
Drawing the Line between Pornography and Art
Energizing the Eye: Abiodun Olaku
Erotic Symbolism in Visual Art
Facing the Postmodern Art World
First They Came for Black
Five Ayn Rand Questions for Michael Newberry
Icarus: How Visual Artists Such as Myself and Bryan Larsen Steal, Borrow, and Originate
Icarus Landing: Incorporating and Transcending Two Major Traditions in Western Civilization
If Art is About Evolution WTF is This? The 2020 Guggenheim Fellowship Winners
Jacob Collins, Sensuous Nature of Light
Lighting the Darkness: Jon Wos
Making Sense of Kant’s Senseless Sublime
Money Laundering and Modern Art: Modern Art Was Developed as a Vehicle for Money Laundering by Demi Pietchell
My Interview with VoyageLA
Newberry at To Dentro by Thodoris Archontopoulos
A New Medium for Postmodern Expression
Of Nudes and Knowledge
On Metaphysical Value-Judgements, JSTOR
Pandora’s Box Part 1
Pandora’s Box Part 2
Pandora’s Box Part 3
Paula Rego: Save it for the Therapist
Roger Scruton’s Why Beauty Matters; And Did I Have a Small Part in It?
Schipperheyn’s Thus Spoke Zarathustra
Secularization of Hell: The Illusionists, Curated by Michael Pearce
Smacking Down Postmodern Art
Support Art, Cut NEA
Terrorism and Postmodern Art
The Age of Delusion: Jerry Saltz
The Cult of Oblivion: CIA, Abstract Expressionists, and Kant
The Great Fraud, How Postmodernism Abuses Art
Thodoris Archontopoulos, Byzantine Archaeologist and Art Historian
TOMBS: Termination of Mind, Body, and Spirit
TOMBS 2: Harvard Visual Arts
TOMBS 3: Yale School of Art
TOMBS 5: A Pile of Crap at The Venice Biennale
Want to Know What Your Future Is? Examine the Art You Like and the Art of Your Time
William Wray: Plotting Life’s Light

The Sublime

Commentary on Michael Newberry

2021 Book Review of Evolution Through Art by Brett Holverstott
2021 Book Review of Newberry Color Theory by Andrew Everett
2020 The Art of Illusion by Brett Holverstott
2020 Future of Art by Rick Barker
2018 Cresswell, Easter Through Art: Transform Lives
2018 Ascension Day Reviewed by Ted Keer
2010 Hicks Comment on Newberry’s God Releasing Stars into the Universe
2009 The Slipper Reviewed by Peter Cresswell
2007 Hicks and Cresswell on Newberry’s Icarus Landing
2006 More on Value Judgements in Art by Peter Cresswell
2006 Peter Cresswell’s Art: There’s More to it than Just Meets the Eye
2002 Post-Postmodern Art by Dr. Stephen Hicks “Archived copy”
1996 Newberry at To Dentro by Thodoris Archontopoulos, The Rodiaki


Art and Ideals by David Kelley, 29 min
Da Vinci Drawing, 5 min
Innovation in Art, 17 min
Influences, 2 min
Figure the Future by Michael Newberry, 66 min
From an Emotion to an Artwork, 3 min
From Modern to Postmodern Art and Beyond by Stephen Hicks, 1 and 2, 28 min
Kant Qualifies the Sublime, 2.20 min
Kant’s Mathematical Sublime, 2.10 min
Science and Art in the 21st Century by Jan Koenderink, 31 min
A Manifesto, 11 min