First Public Showing of “The Kiss” November 4th, 2021

At The Atlas Society’s 5th Annual Fundraising Gala

Newberry, The Kiss, 2019, oil, 24x36", framed 33.50x44.25"
Newberry, The Kiss, 2019, oil, 24×36″, framed 33.50×44.25″

‘The Kiss’ is the most intimate picture I have ever seen.

Anat Moberman, Ph.D, Art History

On November 4th, 2021 at The Atlas Society’s 5th Annual Fundraising Gala, my painting, The Kiss, will be shown and offered. The sale will be split between myself and The Atlas Society, minus expenses. I will also be there doing a pastel demo during the cocktail hour. Join us!

The Atlas Society Gala Honoring Peter Thiel
The Atlas Society Gala Honoring Peter Thiel

The Kiss is a result of almost five decades of devotion to art and eudaemonia (human flourishing)—those moments worth living for. To successfully show the intimacy of love is perhaps one of the greatest challenges for an artist; there cannot be a hint of self-consciousness—the subjects must be transported by the moment.

A fascinating touch to the pathos of the painting is the viewer’s relationship to the lovers. The viewer is not standing or sitting observing them but is floating over them, as if the viewer is a spirit. This device lifts the viewer into space so that he or she is omnisciently part of the present, literally feeling uplifted and held aloft. Combining that with witnessing a private moment that is almost too much to bear, a moment “without pain or fear or guilt,” creates one of those extraordinary rare moments in art, that of being touched by the sublime.

The Kiss is only on view for a brief duration of the Gala event. If you would like to have a private viewing please contact me to visit my studio in Idyllwild or arrange for it to be brought to your home. The asking price is $400,000 USD.


Michael Newberry, photo by Dana Ross
Michael Newberry, photo by Dana Ross

Michael Newberry is a full-time artist for almost five decades and author of Newberry Color Theory and Evolution Through Art. He has had solo exhibitions in New York, Los Angeles, Brussels, Athens, and Rome. He was a professor of Life Drawing at Otis College of Art and Design, and his works are collected by world-renown designer Chan Luu and philosopher Stephen Hicks.

Michael Newberry, Idyllwild, California, 7/17/2021