Giclees are the highest quality of art reproduction using time-tested permanent inks on superb paper. These are hand-signed, limited editions of 100, and come with a Certificate of Authenticity. Each one is inspected by me before being signed.

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Newberry, Denouement, Giclee, ink on Rives BFK, edition of 100, 20x29"
Newberry, Denouement, Giclee, ink on Rives BFK, edition of 100, 20×29″

Denouement answers one question: what does love look like? Radiance, lightness, ease, colorfulness, playfulness, nudity, arabesque-like, sensual and messy surroundings, and the peace that comes with being spent. When it all is added up, the result is one of the most—if not the most—profound experience in life.

I worked on Denouement from its conception in 1984 to completion in 1987. It is the result of an enormous mental, emotional, and technical construct, yet every detail from hundreds of studies is only once removed from direct perception of reality. It is a work that is profoundly universal and extraordinarily unique.

Newberry, Icarus Landing, Giclee, ink on Rives BFK, edition of 100, 30x20"
Newberry, Icarus Landing, Giclee, ink on Rives BFK, edition of 100, 30×20″

From the first 2-minute concept sketch of Icarus I knew I was on to creating an important image. When the cross is removed from a crucifix image, the pose becomes especially graceful: achieving a lightness, an allowance of the moment, and an uncommonly understated gesture.

Since I was a kid, my philosophy has been to go for it. Don’t wait, don’t play safe, don’t nickel and dime your life away. Aim as high as possible, burn every ounce of effort, and be so engaged that you don’t even notice time. In hindsight, if one doesn’t aim high—whether physically, emotionally, or mentally—one is left with wasted potential and the haunting feeling that there must be more to life.

While it always bothered me that Icarus burned and crashed, in my heart I knew that, in reality, it is the opposite. Going for the best is the way to gain wisdom and a ruthless kind of shrewdness. This protects one from being sidetracked. It is only after flying incredibly high and succeeding that one understands they have something beautiful to give humanity and can then return to the world gently and with love.

Philosopher Stephen Hicks gives a special take on Icarus:

“Looking at Icarus, I had a passing thought that you did for the Icarus legend what Rand’s character Richard Halley did in making of the Phaethon legend a triumph. And afterwards I was reminded of Susan’s McCloskey lectures…in which she explained how Rand was aware of the epic figures and forms from the two major traditions in western civilization, the Greco-Roman and the Judeo-Christian, as exemplified in the characters of Odysseus and Jesus, and how with her characters in Atlas Shrugged Rand both incorporated and transcended those traditions. Your Icarus does that with the substance and symbolism of the Greek Icarus and the Christian crucifixion. Incredible.”

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Icarus Landing Giclee Fine Art Reproduction



Denouement Giclee Fine Art Reproduction