Some of my best works are available as a Giclee–a sophisticated reproduction process with up to 4 million ink pigments per square inch on Rives BFK paper, my favorite paper, archival 100% cotton rag. They have a beautiful luminosity and a 3-dimensional quality. They are limited to editions of 100, shipped to me first then after checking the quality I hand-sign them in pencil including the edition number, and they come with a certificate of authenticity, also hand-signed. They need to be framed behind glass, treated like a watercolor painting. I truly recommend them if you love one of the paintings but cannot afford the original, or if the original is unavailable.
$1,000 includes shipping in the U.S.
To order email me:
MTNewberry at gmail dot com

Newberry, Icarus Landing, 2000, acrylic on linen, 55x36"
Newberry, Icarus Landing (Giclee), ink on Rives BFK paper, 30×20″, 19/100
Newberry, Venus, 2008, oil on linen, 48x48"
Newberry, Venus, (Giclee), ink on Rives BFK paper, 22×22″, 8/100

“Major accomplishment. Major milestone. Beautiful work on many levels.” 

Stephen Hicks, Ph.D., Professor of Philosophy
Newberry. Pursuit, oil on linen, 72x52"
Newberry, Pursuit (Giclee), 27×20″, 26/100
Newberry, Denouement, 1987, oil on linen, 54x78"
Newberry, Denouement (Giclee), ink on Rives BFK, 20×29″, 28/100

“I love this piece.”

Hironori Kiyoshima, a great contemporary figurative sculptor.
Newberry, The Sculptor, 1980, oil on linen, 68x46"
Newberry, The Sculptor Giclee, 30×20″, 17/100
Newberry, Synergy or To Receive, 1999, oil on linen, 82x60"
Newberry, Synergy or To Receive Giclee, ink on Rives BFK, 27×22″, 12/100

“I just love this painting Michael.”

Tanya Ragir, one of the great sculptors living today.