Pathways of the Mind

Let me introduce you to your mind on art. It is a universe of pathways some known and many yet to be discovered. It is a never ending journey of mental, emotional, and sensory connections. Some may startle you, others will assure you, and hopefully they will give you a sense of your boundless possibilities.

The following are some of the aesthetic (the study of mind, emotion, and perception through art) highlights from this site:

Color Theory
Transparency—A Key to Spatial Depth in Painting Part 2, Color
Color Theory: Shadow and Depth Share the Same Color Base
Colors of Light and Shadow

Light Theory
Integration, Part 1: Light
Transparency—A Key to Spatial Depth in Painting Part 1, Black/White

Spatial Theory
True Lies: Warp Negative Space
Details Don’t Mean A Thing If They Ain’t Got That Swing

Composition in One Easy Lesson

Psychology of Body Language
Schipperheyn’s Thus Spoke Zarathustra
Pandora’s Box Part 3

Emotional States of Being
Ep. 9 From an Emotion to an Artwork, Newberry Aesthetic Evolution 11/20/2019
Book Idea: Psychological Aesthetics and the Exciting Fight to Evolve by Michael Newberry

Integration of Content with Technique
Michelangelo’s Drawings: The Conceptual Transformation from Touch to Sight
Creating Denouement

Insights into Postmodern Aesthetics
Terrorism and Postmodern Art
Pandora’s Box Part 1

Specialization in the Aesthetics of Kant
The Cult of Oblivion: CIA, Abstract Expressionists, and Kant
Making Sense of Kant’s Senseless Sublime

Specialization in the Aesthetics of Rand
Detecting Value Judgements in Painting

My Take on the Sublime
The Sublime