Art Study

My heart goes out to everyone right now, and I know for many of you it is hard, can’t work and don’t feel too inspired right now. But if you have some art project laying around untouched or a future project you have thought about I can help you and reconnect you to our primal art roots. Tap your potential and connect the dots of emotion, mind, and senses — it is one of the most healthy mental things you can do.

We work with email, messenger, and phone. You get understanding, nudging, and homework. Send me an email,, show me some of your works, and we can take it from there. Modest sliding rates, I really want to help.


I have spent several years searching for a way to express my feelings through art, but simply couldn’t find one. It hasn’t been until now, being part of Michael Newberry’s Mentor Program, that I have been given the tools to make this search so much easier. Michael has a magical way to forward his feeling for art to his apprentices in a way that all of the sudden the technique, feelings and skills, become your own. The dedication to his program and apprentices comes from the love and passion he has for Art and is so real in his work.
This is the best art experience I have had in my life and I will be forever grateful to him for this.

Mary Woodul


Find the Shadows and Add Light
2020 Join us Provence Art Experience and Workshops, September 7th-16th.

Art Tutorials

from Basics to Mind-Bending

I studied with Michael Newberry for a year, and twenty five years later still use at least one thing which he taught me—about color theory, massing of shadow, the ranking of lights and darks, and sketching the figure, finding the lyrical line—every single day in my studio. He is a skilled communicator, a passionate artist and instructor, and my year studying with him was one of the best investments of my career. I would recommend Michael’s instruction one hundred percent.

Melissa Hefferlin
Rickety Courtyard Gate, Rhodes, pastel on dark paper, private collection


Michael will help you evolve no matter where the level of your skill might be. He will guide you and help you with good techniques but at the same time, he respects the integrity of your personal artistic skill by allowing you the freedom to be yourself within your own art. I enjoy his mentorship. Within 6 months under his guidance and personal attention to my artistic needs, I am painting like there is no tomorrow, after each session, I could see how much I’ve learned and continue to evolve, it’s a life changing experience for me!!!

Chan Luu

Email me your hopes and some of your works and we can discuss how I can help. MTNewberry at gmail dot com