Art Tutorials


Composition in One Easy Lesson
Anatomy of Light
Charcoal Drawing Part 1
Charcoal Drawing Part 2
Triangulation in Drawing, 10 min
Time-Lapse Drawing of an Eye, 1 min
Oil Paint Glazing
Newberry Color Palette, 14 min
5-Minute Palette Clean Up
3 Visual Axioms: You’ve Got It If You Get It
Feeling the Form
Cast Shadows
Ellipses: Don’t Start a Still-life Without ‘Em
Portrait Triangulation Time-Laps, 25 sec
Triangulation of Drawing an Interior of a Church, 35 sec
Erotic Symbolism in Visual Art


Abstraction in Representational Art
Advancements in Painting Light
Advice to an Artist 5 Suggestions
Being an Artist: Approach Art Like a Child
Critiquing Art: Look for What is Alive
Color Theory: Shadow and Depth Share the Same Color Base
Workshop Series: Pastel, Let the Color of the Paper Work for You
Colors of Light and Shadow
Monet’s Cast Shadows
Obermeyer’s Gate by Michael Newberry
Damn Complex Chaos to Visual Language
Da Vinci Drawings as Metaphors for Life, 5 min
Details Don’t Mean A Thing If They Ain’t Got That Swing
Drive Towards the Light, Not the Thing
Fine Art Signature Tutorial
From Emotion to an Artwork, 3 min
Integration, Part 1: Light
Integration, Part 2: Color
Making of Artemis, The Creative Process, 12 min
Mark Making Movement in Pastel
Michelangelo’s Drawings: The Conceptual Transformation from Touch to Sight
Pushing the Composition Envelope, Melissa Hefferlin Still Lifes
Rebirth: Death and Life through Art
Rhythm a Beautiful Way to Organize Chaos
Seek the Big Form: Study Sculpture
Secrets to Color Theory, vid, 55 min
Spatial Depth, 2 min
The Surface Vs. 3D Paradox Solved
The Weird Optics of Glass
Transparency – A Key to Spatial Depth in Painting Part 1, Black/White
Transparency – A Key to Spatial Depth in Painting Part 2, Color
Triangulation of Light and Dark
True Lies: Warp Negative Space
Art of Michael Newberry, 7 min

My Collection of Students’ Works