Student Testimonials

Chan Luu, Orb, oil on panel, 12x16"

I  was very fortunate to have met and studied with Michael when I did. As a beginning artist and painter, I found myself overwhelmed at times— as most beginning artists do— in trying to discover a tangible process of “making art.” The most important thing I learned from Michael is how to draw correctly, and understanding values. These are the building blocks that all artists must learn. It also serves as a segue into plein air and studio painting. 

Michael’s understanding of the human form, and of color theory are remarkable, and he explains them in a way that are easy to grasp. No matter what level artist you currently are— from beginner to practicing professional, I can’t recommend a mentorship with Michael Newberry more. Thank you, Michael, for what you have taught me, and for the doors it has opened.

-A.J. Nesselrod

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