Model in the Studio, wip

Newberry, Model in the Studio, wip, detail

Today’s Update: Model in Studio, I made a naughty schoolboy prank and a very bad Easter pun on a different meaning of risen. I cleaned up the upper left quadrant of the composition removing all the shapes that did not accent the symbolic verticals. Now they compete better for attention. I think that makes her even happier, the model said “yes.” Actually it took discipline to keep working the background until it worked for me, but there is no finer feeling for an artist to get that internal greenlighting saying “it’s working!” Hope this lightens your day.

Update on my WIP Model in the Studio

newberry-model-in-the-studio-wip 4

Today’s update on Model in the Studio, wip, oil on linen, 42×56” It is very interesting that there is a war going on now in the humanities, arts, and in politics. Essentially it’s reason, perception, truth, science, human values, benevolence, resolution, sense, and evolution vs. misinterpretation, manipulation, lies, opinion, ignorance, snark, malevolence, arbitrary, senseless, and devolution. I could not be happier and I chose wisely. Everything in this painting is in the first group, the 2nd group is post modern crap. Hard work and flourishing or bitter rage? Apparently for many people it’s not an easy choice. #lifelessons #figurativeart #wip #contemporaryart #postmodernism #humanflourishing