Art Tutorials by Michael Newberry: From Basics to Advanced


3 Visual Axioms: You’ve Got It If You Get It

5-Minute Palette Clean Up

Abstraction in Representational Art

Advancements in Painting Light

Anatomy of Light

Back to Front, Tats 1, Time-Lapse

Being an Artist: Approach Art Like a Child

Cast Shadows

Colors of Light and Shadow

Charcoal Drawing Part 1

Charcoal Drawing Part 2

Color Theory: Shadow and Depth Share the Same Color Base

Composition in One Easy Lesson

Critiquing Art: Look for What is Alive

Details Don’t Mean A Thing If They Ain’t Got That Swing

Ellipses: Don’t Start a Still-life Without ‘Em

Erotic Symbolism in Visual Art

Feeling the Form


Innovation in Art by Michael Newberry

Integration, Part 1: Light

Integration, Part 2: Color

Lights and Darks in 3’s

Mark Making Movement in Pastel

Michelangelo’s Drawings: The Conceptual Transformation from Touch to Sight

Newberry Color Palette, 14-min vid

Oil Paint Glazing

Pastel on Dark Paper – Just Add Light

Polyclitus’ Canon of Proportions

Portrait Triangulation Time-Lapse

Rhythm a Beautiful Way to Organize Chaos

Seek the Big Form: Study Sculpture

Time-lapse, Triangulating Interior of a Provence Convent

The Sky Problem in Landscape Painting

Transparency – A Key to Spatial Depth in Painting Part 1, Black/White

Transparency – A Key to Spatial Depth in Painting Part 2, Color

Triangulation in Drawing – 10 Min Video

True Lies: Warp Negative Space

Workshop Series: Composition!

Workshop Series: Find the Shadows First 

Workshop Series: Pastel, Let the Color of the Paper Work for You.

Workshop Series: Triangulating the Composition