Video Instruction

Apr 8, 2016. Instruction. Triangulation is a drawing technique which you line up landmarks and use them to achieve proportions and perspective. It works great with the figure and still life. In the vid I mention contacting me through a now defunct email, instead use this: mtnewberry at gmail dot com

Aug 20, 2021. Interview and Instruction. Michael Newberry discussing the color theory from his book, Newberry Color Theory. You will see how the concept integrates the color of things; color of atmosphere; complementary color of light and shadow; and complementary color of depth and foreground. The results create startling freshness and uniqueness, turning reference material into art with depth, light, and surprise. The video starts with examples of some classical and French Impressionist landscapes, goes through Newberry’s Wave Series, and ends with works of other artists using the theory. Newberry also gives a thorough list of materials needed for successful pastel drawings, from what kind of studio lights, to editing tools. The presentation ends with a Q and A of thoughtful questions.

Sep 27, 2019. Instruction. Mixing colors.