Terrorism and Postmodern Art

There are people in the world who can’t stand to see that beauty and creativity exist. The guy who took a hatchet to the Pieta of Michelangelo. The Taliban leader who chose to blow up the Buddhist cliff sculptures.

The Great Fraud, How Postmodernism Abuses Art

The Tufts project by Jenny Polak does two things that are classic postmodern sabotage. They use the esteemed status of art, made possible by great artists, to elevate a protest to a grander status. And by dedicating their reputation, resources, and their art department to juvenile protest posters scattered around the campus they suck the life out of aesthetic innovation, advancement, and the soul of art.

CIA Weaponizing Abstract Art and Its Fallout

Corrupting media, foundations, art institutions, reputations, and artists. I hypothesize that, between 1950 and 1967, the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) used abstract art as a PsyOp tool of psychological warfare to undermine the American mind. This was done through their subordinate group, the Congress for Cultural Freedom (CCF), to enable the Agency to manage the …

YAY! Celebrating the Finish of my Book, Evolution Through Art

The book is about advancements artists’ make and how great art propels our spirit. It starts with the first known artwork, the sculpture Lion Man and takes us through aesthetics, techniques, philosophy, postmodernism (ugh), Kant, Aristotle, the best examples of eras, and finishes with some wonderful contemporary artists such as Tanya Ragir, sculptor of the …