Manipulating Millions: The Role of Postmodern Art in Control and Deception

Imagine wanting to dominate and control millions of healthy, proactive, independent, and freedom-loving people who are protected under the law from nefarious actors. However, direct force cannot be used to control them. Instead, a game plan is needed that works like a Trojan Horse, sneaking covert agents and ideas into their culture under the guise …

Terrorism and Postmodern Art

There are people in the world who can’t stand to see that beauty and creativity exist. The guy who took a hatchet to the Pieta of Michelangelo. The Taliban leader who chose to blow up the Buddhist cliff sculptures.

Destruction of Art, Postmodernism, and Being a Whole Person

Today I was looking for alternative news outlets, and I came a link to the dated article, Museum [The Jefferson School African American Heritage Center] Proposes Melting Lee Statue to Make New Artwork, Oct. 21, 2021, Bloomberg, US edition. Which piqued my interest for one reason: as a variation on the postmodern project⁠—destroying an artwork …

The Great Fraud, How Postmodernism Abuses Art

The Tufts project by Jenny Polak does two things that are classic postmodern sabotage. They use the esteemed status of art, made possible by great artists, to elevate a protest to a grander status. And by dedicating their reputation, resources, and their art department to juvenile protest posters scattered around the campus they suck the life out of aesthetic innovation, advancement, and the soul of art.