Terrorism and Postmodern Art

There are people in the world who can’t stand to see that beauty and creativity exist. The guy who took a hatchet to the Pieta of Michelangelo. The Taliban leader who chose to blow up the Buddhist cliff sculptures.

The Great Fraud, How Postmodernism Abuses Art

The Tufts project by Jenny Polak does two things that are classic postmodern sabotage. They use the esteemed status of art, made possible by great artists, to elevate a protest to a grander status. And by dedicating their reputation, resources, and their art department to juvenile protest posters scattered around the campus they suck the life out of aesthetic innovation, advancement, and the soul of art.

Upcoming New Book, “Art and Aesthetics”

Yikes! A whole new book on the way. “Art and Aesthetics: A Personal View of Postmodernism, Eudaemonia, and Realization.”The reader will gain fundamental insights into the cultural war between postmodernism and evolutionary figurative art. They will learn about how the latter masters perception, thought, and passion in art. And how postmodernism works in the opposite, …

Newberry Interviewed on Romantic Art and Philosophy, 1hr-20min

Yesterday the good people at the Ayn Rand Fan Club invited me to talk about art, living abroad, aesthetics, and Rand Scott Schiff and William Swig, smart guys, discuss with me art, Rand, and PsyOp. You will come away with deeper understanding of: How the windy atmosphere of Saint-Rémy-de-Provence, would have been a key perceptual …