Deep Springs are Everywhere, Offering Our Imaginations to Draw Upon

Newberry works the human body like a surgeon’s intricate incisions.

Thodoris Archontopoulos, Byzantine Archaeologist and Art Historian, Ministry of Greek Culture

These drawings span a few decades from 1977 til now.

These ink, charcoal, Conte, and graphite drawings are a few from thousands. They range from 1-minute gesture sketches to carefully finished works taking more than 25-hours to complete. They explore line, observation, depth, anatomy, gesture, concepts for paintings, shadows, body expressions, triangulation, or themes. I use drawings to accomplish something specific. In John’s Sunset I prepared for taking along as it would take to fully explore the loss of my brother. If I only have 5 minutes I might only concentrate on line, shadow groups, or gesture. But whatever I am focused on it is to do or learn something new.

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“Rembrandt etching [self-portrait], about an inch and a half wide. The only other artist I know that can do this with line work is Michael Newberry.”

A. J. Nesselrod, artist.