Time-Lapse Videos

Jun 14, 2007. Time-lapse. Artemis.

January 30, 2022. Time-lapse. Drawing by Michael Newberry, showing the triangulation of the hand’s knuckle landmarks. Triangulation is a great technique which makes drawings in proportion, feel natural, and a special living beauty when all the points are lined up well. The start is beginning with two landmarks, then triangulating a third point, by observing the axis lines of the landmarks in real life.

January 31, 2022. Time-lapse. Michael Newberry’s life sized painting, The Collector. A notable aspect is that after the charcoal composition, the painting starts in the furthest corner of the setting, and by the end of the painting Newberry finishes on the tip of the shoe, the closest part to us.

Jan 26, 2015. Time-lapse. Ink drawing on paper. The drawing was done live, drawing my own eye reflected in a mirror. It’s often very difficult to keep the shape of things when you are drawing realistically. I find it is very important to start with an abstracted form, such as a simple ball, and build around and over that. For students try copying a photo of an eye and drawing one from real life, like your own in a mirror – and note the differences. The photo of the eye will probably be more polished and impressive but the eye done live will likely have more depth and movement.

Aug 16, 2019. Time-lapse. Triangulation drawing of a magnificent convent in France. 34 sec. One of the lessons from our @ProvenceArtExperience workshop April 2019, was how to draw this church’s beautiful interior using triangulation. It is an awesome technique which artists can use to place a few objects like a group of trees and a pond, or more complex things like a portrait or figurative work. The idea is to use two landmarks as anchors and sketch in the direction towards a third point/landmark, making a triangle, now armed with three points you map out like star chart all the relevant points. This process elegantly solves issues with perspectives, foreshortening, and proportions. I think it is the best path to arrive at beauty.

Dec 28, 2021. Time-lapse. Working Through Space. This time-lapse is an excellent way to show how I sometimes work through space, from back to front. The problem solved is that working from a photo reference is more complicated than working from life. Working live we can see in 3D and move our focus around, this is not available with a photo and the result in paint is usually flat and 2D. One work-around I use is to start painting the area that is the deepest in space, the furthest away from me, and then gradually paint one step closer until I arrive at the closest point. When it is done this way the result is a kind of kinetic energy that you can sense and it gives a kind of winking vibration–those optically nudges that are tweaking your eyes spatial acuity.

Jul 5, 2021. Time-lapse and Discussion about the painting. Newberry discusses the simplified process of working from back to front in this psychologically challenging portrait of a young man that committed suicide. Music, the beautiful Aria da Capo è Fine from J​.​S. Bach: “Open” Goldberg Variations, BWV 988 (Piano) by Kimiko Ishizaka.

May 16, 2019. Time-lapse. The Kiss.

Dec 21, 2017. Time-lapse. Graphite portrait.

May 23, 2008. Time-lapse. Venus.