Wave Series, 2020

Exploring Newberry Color Theory

A current project, started in mid-October 2020, is exploring my theory on color. It is an integration of four elements: the color of the atmosphere; the color of the light and shadow; the color of depth and foreground; and the color of the things themselves. For instance the beige of the sand changes color, depending on those other elements, can range from a gray to bright rust orange. My theory far exceeds my expectation of not only understanding color and its unlimited possibilities for artists, but that it results in such beautiful works which also extend emotions that color can inspire.

Michael Newberry, Idyllwild

Framed Pastels with Tru-Vue Non-Glare Glass

Many of these pastels are in private collections, go here to Available Pastels. All the pastels from my studio are framed with Tru-Vue Museum non-glare glass, it has UV protection, crystal-clear with no glare, and elegant dark frame. The 18×24″ have no matt, and the 13×18″ are matted.

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