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The Kiss, and Reddit

The night before I left for the April-May Provence Workshop I finished The Kiss. I posted in on Reddit , and it received a warm welcome. Crazy Journey Last Night is about the project with this pregnant couple.

Newberry, The Kiss, oil on canvas, 24 x 36", 2019
Newberry, The Kiss, oil on canvas, 24 x 36″, 2019


Here are examples of my pastel work.



Coinciding with  9/11 Newberry began writing art criticism critical of Postmodern art theory and pointing towards an alternative aesthetics of new evolutionary elements in figurative art. Read more …


Starting in 2003 Newberry began blogging art tutorials ranging from basics to highly advanced like Composition in One Easy Lesson and True Lies: Warp Negative Space. Read more…


Michael Newberry is a figurative/representational artist with a distinctive brand of beauty, optimism, and passion. With almost five decades of studio and plein air work behind him, he has exhibited in Santa Monica, Los Angeles, New York, Rome, Athens, and currently at the White Cloud Gallery in Washington, D.C. 

Newberry discovered Rembrandt as an 11 year old and Puccini at 26; the two artists have fueled his lifelong devotion to light, aesthetics, and the best of the human spirit. He has written and lectured on the visual arts, contemporary representational artists, and the postmodernists. And has created original art tutorials. 

Currently he is an instructor with Provence Art Experience and Workshops. He founded the Newberry Gallery in Santa Monica, 2008-10; the Newberry Workshops in Brooklyn, 2006-08;  and the Foundation for the Advancement of Art, 2003. He gave art Seminars in 1998 at Athens College, Athens, Greece and for the Ministry of Greek Culture, Rhodes, Greece. He taught foundation, life drawing, composition, and painting at Otis College of Art and Design, 1990-94.

Important collectors are Stephen Hicks and Chan Luu. Read more …

Studio Collection

From sketches to definitive works these pieces are available. See more…


What triggers creativity? What is it about art that is evolutionary? What’s the story with postmodern art? These are some of the questions I muse about on my blog. One piece is First They Came for Black, (Jan, ’19) is about modernist and post modernist reduction of painting until it disappeared from the higher reaches of the art world. Recent art articles and commentary. Read more…

Negotiation and Shipping

Once a painting is done I want it to find a home with a great person or persons. Towards that the collector has good leverage by how much they care, who they are, and what they do. If you love a work contact me and let’s discuss it and make collecting it a reality. For a major work I recommend that I personally bring and install it or we get a fine art shipping company to do it. Smaller works I send USPS. I want you to be elated by the experience, whatever Newberry you own you can use the price towards an exchange. Official prices and info are at Artwork Archive .

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Newberry, Reaching For the High Note, oil on linen, 46x26”
Newberry, Reaching For the High Note, oil on linen, 46×26”



50 Years of Aesthetics in an Email? 

Picasso was once asked why only a 30-second sketch on a napkin was worth so much and he replied: “No, it has taken me forty years to do that.” In the same way, in my newsletters, I share a lifetime of art insight, exploration, theory, and love through my perspectives and artworks. Enjoy. Join
Michael Newberry