How Did We Get Here?

The Cultural PsyOp on How to Turn Humans into Sheep

CIA's Bitch: The Guggenheim

From the 1950s on the CIA initiated a massive Cultural PsyOp and very well and covertly funded arts campaign. Their aim was to undermine the normative capabilities of humanity to turn them into useful idiots. They achieved this by floating nihilism in aesthetics, specifically through dehumanizing literature; composers that made screeching noise; and eradication of human content and perception in visual art. They recruited huge names and famous institutions that thought it was an amusing game. It destroyed the new development of opera, symphonies, representational art, and heroic literature. It destroyed education of those forms. Individuals managed to make their isolated breakthroughs in defiance of this massive cultural devolution. The serious contemporary art world is a f#^king dump. Normal people don’t understand the phenomenon nor how they have been played into accepting shit as a replacement for sublime artistic achievements. All this laid the ground work to reduce the general population to non threatening sheep. There was no need for the deep state to use force and imprisonments, like the crude Chinese, German, and Russian forms. The CIA instead developed a genius and evil psychological warfare that tricked people to voluntarily disarm their own minds. The sophistication of it is extraordinary. Nonetheless it is all bullshit and a house of cards. Let’s see what a few individuals can do to strategically remove a few supporting cards and watch the whole damn thing implode.

For an excellent source of CIA and the cultural cold war see Frances Saunders book on the topic.

I hope you enjoyed my morning rant.

Michael Newberry, Idyllwild, 5/16/2021

4 Replies to “How Did We Get Here?”

  1. Of course I love the critique and analysis. Today… even today… we have the newly-formed SpaceForce firing a C.O. for his off association (I.e. not on Gov time) rant on Critical Theory/ Marxist -Collectivist infiltration into .Mil.

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